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letra de b.o.p. - alvin flames


i am a bird of prey
isn’t it horrible?
to not have any friends
no, only foe
you said i misbehave
i said it’s normal
and now i don’t know why, but i kept on believing it true

and when the sky is grey
i feel important
because my enemies
are running scared
i take a part of them
they take a part of me
and for all of that pain, there’s what?

as a bird of prey, means i need to k!ll
if i want to live, i don’t think i will
in a rotten world, i’m thinking it’s done
i can’t make no nest, i can’t have no fun
take another day with an empty gut
keep a talon sharp like my eyes been hunting
for all this lifе, i’m a bird of prey
cuz i take and i take and i takе

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