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letra de judgementality - altar


every single crime he has made in life
he must pay for one’s mistake, endlessly
now confront the judge punished for his deeds
and when you think it stops then it just begins
severe punishment the judge has got in mind
is just inhuman and a raping of mankind
it solves nothing but creating just an endless rage
an anger and a fury against the human race

die by my side – see no light – endless rage
no fear inside – set things right – to society

after a long time out friend came home
liberty the reward for all those years
several months have p-ssed and now he surely knows
that all the efforts he had made were all denied
now you see that society is not done with you
unless you obey by the rules that they all play
judgement for your lies judgement for your crimes
but realize that you are judged for your whole life

now you’ve seen death i have become
all the kindness has disappeared in me
the ones who should be blamed are me myself and i
but also the narrow minded human kind

they will only justify what’s legally secured
but they don’t realize the strongest will survive
take a look in my eyes and see the signs
the signs of a desperate crying man