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letra de bright red carpet - all star united


verse: 1
she’s a neon girl, she follows that buzz
to where it’s found, ’cause she’s the scene
tinsel town calls her the queen
and that’s alright, but if you demand spotlights
get ready to blow
’cause heaven steps on false attempts to glow
i gotta know

will you be there when they roll out
bright red carpet?
will i see you by my side?
will you be there when we walk on
bright red carpet?
will i see you by my side?

verse: 2
he’s a stylish guy, he steals a room
even looks good in everything
soon hollywood will call him king
and that’s ok, ’cause armani likes the way
you wear your clothes
but heaven’s gate
is no place for fashion shows
i gotta know

repeat chorus

you try so hard, and you get what you get
but in your heat
i hope you never forget
a selfish soul will never stroll
on red carpet

repeat chorus