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letra de qliphosis - alkaloid


outside the endless stupor
of life and death of any one creature
there is no objective time
no unified place for all

too far to reach
too long to hold on
to an existence doomed to shatter

no way to merge
before this blink of a life is gone
and chronology no longer matters

look beyond

beyond the trap of flesh
forsaken through eternities, by life abhorred
for embodied immanеnce won’t serve
to manifеst a single overlord

foreswear the law of finitude
to gain continuous subsistence
outside time
if anything can bridge the gaps
mortality cleaves through the cosmos
it’s bionts that thrive
where all else will fall, perish and scatter

clandestine hives absorb, revive
feared and shunned by all that crawls
and yet only survives the void
of vector collapse
due to their strife

a new kingdom sprawls
through the carnage of life’s fallen sh-lls
neither dead nor alive
forever in the shadows to dwell

hidden agents abide
coalesce and drive
perpetual rebirth
from the other side

the qliphoth stir
catalysts of resurrection
by spirit spurred
foraging fatality
digest the world
antagonists of disconnection
like gods unfurl
the origin of reality
and when your flesh at last succumbs
they come to take you back as one of their own



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