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letra de 03) baby talk (from alisha 1985) - alisha


it’s too bad not to know
i don’t know i hurt you so
baby talk to me
i’m so sad i can’t wait
baby, please don’t hesitate
baby talk to me

you never try to talk your feelings through
communications start from me to you
we have to talk it through to clear the air
we’ve got to talk to show the love we share

baby talk
we can work it out
baby talk
i know without a doubt
baby talk
we can work it out
baby talk

baby please talk to me
can’t you see you’re hurtin’ me
baby talk to me
we can see all this through
talk will help love makin’ you
baby talk to me

it’s hard to tell when things start goin’ wrong
we’ll have to talk found out before too long
so, honey let’s not throw our love away
let’s try to work it out before too late

repeat chorus

you don’t have to worry baby
you don’t have to fear
tell me all things you feel
and i will make you care
you just need to tell me baby
what i need to say
need to let me love you baby
in that special way

repeat chorus to fade