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letra de get up - alfredo antolin


( alfredo antolin)
i know how hurts you live in a pain
i know how hard you through this way
but you gotta stay awake and live away
no matter how hard this world get in

i know its hard to get up and see the stars
lift up your heart, stay strong be what you want
it doesn’t matter when you get fall
learn to get up and stay with the one

learn from your mistake, try to elevate
go throught the step you take
mistake may break but wisdom intake
no looking back, no room for shame
rising from the ashes,like a flery quake
lifes may change , but passion will stay
stay navigate through twist and turns
from the lessons learned and resilience burn
i know its hard but you gotta work hard
burn your spirit, begin your war
start you brawl and do your roar
they will see who you are, lift your head and heart
try to getting upppppp

i know it’s not so easy
live with pain, but you believe me
stormy seas make sailors stronger
pain and struggle, will make you bolder
i know what you think
rasa duniamu berakhir
ku pernah diposisimu
pain consumes me, f-ck this life anymore

bagai malam yang kelam
tak ada cahaya asaku pudar
titik nadir inginku berakhir
kulihat tali inginku martir, but now i’m here
i choose to live
fight for myself face the giant
accept my self pray to god, keep grinding
you never get me down, chasing the stars
i’ll set a score i’m in my zone

damaikan dirimu acuhkan mereka fokus ke tujuanmu
do your best keep fighting, keep evolve ’till you win
someday you’ll reap what you sow

i know that it’s hard
i know that you hurt
rising from the ashes
spititing fire fearless
reborn, i’m a phoenix

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