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letra de i don't wanna mess around - alesha dixon


no, no, no, no
the time i tried to wait you caught me in the spell i’m under
i don’t ever wanna shed no tears over yo-o-ou
there’s somethin’ in your face, you look so fine
i wanna let my (unknown) fears behind
trust you, hope that you will to-o-o

quietly alone
i’m figurin’ out
what’s a girl to do
and now i don’t wanna show you everything
you got a lot to prove
quietly alone, i’m workin’ out
what’s the deal with you
i wanna carry on, baby you’re the one that i, i’ll put my trust in you (no, no, no, no)

i don’t wanna mess around, pretendin’ i don’t need you
just wanna be with you oh
baby i wanna please you (no, no, no)
i don’t wanna mess around, pretendin’ that i don’t care

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