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i got you - albert hammond jr.


[verse 1]
i, i know i got here late
but you know, what you said
that some people are worth the wait

it’s like an old time movie with
all of the classic tones of black and white
see how your eyes catch the light

look at that guy over there, smoothing down his facial hair
trying to work up the nerve, to charm the girl who came to serve
c-cktails to the drunken crowd, he wants to talk but it’s too loud
so he just stands and stares at her, like she’s some exotic bird
trying not to play the fool
that was me before, i got you

you can’t remеmber all of your lines
but you know, they wеre better cause you made ‘em up in your head

it’s like an old time movie with
all of the classic tones of black and white
see how your eyes catch the light
and if you slip on sidewalks when the ice has just begun to melt
or if you need your laces tied cause you can’t do it for yourself
i’ll do the laundry, make the bed, and read the letters that you send
whatever you need me to do, don’t worry because i got you

[instrumental break]

i got you under my skin
and this moment – it don’t have to end (woo-ooh)

i coulda been the one who stands against the wall at every dance
who never saw the silver moon, and doesn’t laugh at old cartoons
someone who never got to see the way you stop and talk to trees
always quiet, out of reach, the cowboy or the lonely beast

in the morning do nothing, leave dishes in the kitchen sink
and towels on the bedroom floor – never thinking there was more
i know you had your pick of them, the b-st-rds and the gentleman
just glad the movie ended sweet cause i got you and you got me
i got you and you got me



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