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letra de conversation with collins - albert collins


[instrumental guitar background during conversation]

you take like, me an’ my wife
we got about four kids

found the next door neighbor, an’ she says,
“look-a-here, let’s get together one night,
an’ go out an’ have a ball, let the husbands baby-sit,
how ’bout that?”

can ya dig it fellas?

she come after me, she says, “honey, we wanna go out tonight, and have a ball”
i said, “sure, it’s alright, just as long as you be home by two”

i let’s her go ahead on out, an’ i’m baby sittin’,
kids hollerin’ an’ cryin’,
i had to put diapers, change diapers

two o’clock come, no wife

i said well, that’s alright she probably went ’bout four or five miles out-a the city limit
i give her about thirty minutes to get home

can ya dig it fellas?

three o’clock come, still no wife

four o’clock, sure was mad, now
here she come, draggin’ in

now can ya dig this fellas?

now here the way she talk to me, real sweet

she sounded good, ya know

kissin’ me all on the neck an’ goin’ on
felt good, but i’m still mad!

now after she done all that sweet talk,
you know what i told her, fellas?
you know what i told her?
you don’t know what i told her?

an’ i fool around an’ made her mad, you know what would happen?
you know what she told me, fellas?

now i told her the same thing

[let’s ride this thing outta trouble] (yeah)
well this woman is puttin’ me out
how ’bout that?

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