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letra de 11:34 - alandreus


[ intro ]
blue house studios
ugh, yeah
ugh, yeah
ugh, yeah

[ verse 1 ]
my future brighter than helios
don’t mean to boast
but usually i’m quiet
i think i deserve to talk
you see how zombies walk ?
i take my time just as slow
the late bloomer that hasn’t bloomed coming for the throne
in his possession are the crown pieces that he own
working on the lyrics but you know he got the flows and the melodies
young dreus so heavenly
act like a d-ckhead, get cut off like a botched vasectomy
n-gga, what you telling me ?
i’m part of a better breed
cream of the crop
top contender for the t-tle, king
put me in a box ?
how bout not ?
peep my energy
energy forever
never let ‘em get ahead of me!
energy forever
etched forever in your memory!
my energy colossal
bro, your energy on centipede
my presence’s is a present, you say thank you every time we meet
it’s the young gemini king, ain’t n0body really like me
my n-gga, young dreus

ugh. yeah
i got a second verse, too

[ verse 2 ]
awzylife over everything, hands down!
hands down like 6:30
you take a l like 3:00 so n-gga i ain’t worried
you get a l. you get a l
i’m oprah winfrey
i’m so far ahead. you don’t understand
no one gets me
but i don’t care though, yeah
i been a weirdo since
my adolescence
snot-nosed dreus, his own lane is what he stepped in
little did he know he was on the path to perfection
i think i really need my own section
not of a building but a section of the planet
25 percent. i won’t settle nothing less than
then, i’ll volunteer be a nation’s nuclear weapon, n-gga