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letra de this whole shit is ours - al.divino


[intro: al.divino]
huh? comin’ for all that, son (stop bitin’ my sh-t, man!)
aha (i’m takin my sh-t back, you heard?)
ayo (ayo)

[verse 1: al.divino]
look around, this whole sh-t ours
whole sh-t for cowards
hoes flip and style, ho sniff a mountain up
molder brain, this sh-t ’bout a dollar, tell her “count it for me” (count it me for me, shawty!)
[?] find the glory, they care for shorties, i’m in a different categorie (doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot)
back against the wall, back out the 40 (bing-bing-bing!)
if it’s smoke we wake you up
5:30 in the mornin’ with toast (wake up, b-tch!)
guns and b-tter got both
rock re-rock, we got coke (ay)
get bucked like casco’s, you know? (you know?)
bandicoot, the gucci’s to the boxer, bro (woo)
tell cuddies my name steve, plug name gustavo (gustavo!)
stovе top ghost, stupid, my stock grows r-t-rded (r-t-rdеd!)
heavy cargo (boom!), aha

[break: bravdon & al.divino]
feel me? (sh-t!)
f-ckin’ victory (recordin’ live from the shack pack)
[verse 2: bravdon]
so high up, you gotta look up
man, fill my cup with good stuff
man, eastside and that westside, throw that hood up (throw it up, ayy)
man, that sh-t forever (forever)
northface, that’s for this weather
oh, play
that’s on these leathers, all facts (woo!), because i’m clever (ayo, ayo)
can never bow by a lame b-tch (never)
’cause i can do better (stupid b-tch)
man, lv on them sweaters
toss those raps up in the shredder ’cause they do it for the treasure (ah)
i do it because i’m better
raise the leather glasses on my face
i’m lookin’ like i’m weska
hit the maldives, deep sea
we in that double decker maybach tesla (blow!)
and threw you like p-ssy, then smoke this wookiee (yay)
she shake her tussie but we up in tutsis (up in tutsis)
man, lemon pepper (go)
man, dexter, hoochie mama loadin’ up the llama
don’t talk about comma (blow!), dior plate (ha!)
that’s for the armor, but i, huh
know we still keeps it stüssy
i’m down to die for this sh-t, i never been no wussie (hahaha)
no matter how hard times gon’ get, we gon’ be gucci, n-gga

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