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ritual - akdrilla


you want this beat right?
uh, uh, aye, duh, d-mn, d-mn, aye
aye, uh, uh, uh

n-ggas keep talkin bout all of this sh-t but these n-ggas ain’t even political
been doing this rap sh-t for a many years n-gga this sh-t is really a ritual
n-ggas keep testing my gangster and energy, n-gga this sh-t can get critical
these n-ggas be dumb, these n-ggas be bums, d-mn yall n-ggas is pitiful
all of yall n-ggas be testing me, yo b-tch on my d-ck you envy me
pull out lebron, i’m mvp
yall n-ggas is broke, yall can’t be me
just look at my ice you can not see
yeah, i’m in her guts, i’m in her c
if you want a feature just come with a fee
i’m drinking that water not talkin fiji
yall n-ggas want static, yall n-ggas want static
but all of yall n-ggas can get next to me
i got a new patek, i got a new patek
i got a new patek, yall pockets empty
i’m up in the sky yeah i feel like a tree
i’m with yo lil b-tch and she sucking my d
i’m smoking that gas, yeah i’m smoking that tree
n-gga yall n-ggas p-ssy can’t come next to me



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