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letra de baby & lucki - akai solo


it’s hot as sh-t in here
don’t worry about this flow
i just mashed up baby and lucki
known to get hot, but i’m cool in a skully
life can be fly but those landings get ugly
i gave it all up, they can’t confiscate from me
i’m back to back with your cap, that’s no cap
and just know that i’m back on my bully
like i came outside
i thought/felt it was brick then i went back and put on a hoodie
opposites flow best
if they heading right then i’m busting a left
man, what’s goodie?
bet it all, you got nothing on me
this not return of the mac
just run me my cheese
fell for the trap like your first love
and i didn’t even have to layer with leaf
marks left likе a regular part breaker
shе tryna settle but ima tryna leave like a neighborhood heartbreaker
akaza on entry
spit fire like a genuine h-ll raiser
we on it like resident base raiders
peep all this pain that we whipping
got put in the batter, that’s proof in the pudding we serving
that everything earned
that nothing is free
people down bad off a pack
that’s the type that turn up for a g
dawg gonna tell me to aim for the sun, so i shoot for the three
n-ggas gonna think that they up
when they truly was ass
hm, what do that mean?
n-ggas gonna think that they lit?
how did you land that deal?
when you truly was….ugh
i be smacked in the crib going what the f-ck?
you gonna say that we on the up and up
imma inquire where did you hear that from?

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