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letra de regards - aidan vaughn


[verse 1]
left me in the dust
now i’m on the way back home
i been feeling stuck
but you is all alone
you ain’t feeling the same as you once was
i remember back then, we would show love
and i gotta write you a letter; i gotta say “sorry, i f-cked up”
now wne and the same
you never answer my calls; you love to flake
i had that dream you was gone; knew you ain’t stayed
go talk my name all you want; knew you been fake
i know that you just wanna f-ck, so say it to my face
wonder where i’m at now (at now; at now)
know you ride round town
wishing i would come back now
know i’ve been on your mine
going, running round and round
and you wanna waste me time
i know just how you get down
and i can’t forget

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