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letra de the jones' - ahmad


don’t let the jones’ get you down
get you down
don’t let the jone’s get you down

thinkin’ well it’s the n-gg-roe back with my crew
now what you wanna do
the jones’, we on this, mic
so we’ll fight to the finish

but i don’t need spinach for me to do this
pride in givin’ n-gg-s pop eyes, i’m large as buddhist
rappers wanna be down, ’cause they think that i’m better than
they, but i’ll be okay solo like the letterman

use my common sense to boom shalaklak boom
then lock the room, get busy as i get busy
sayin “don’t let the jones’ get you”
but i’ll hit you where it hurts, made you relapse in curves

when i throw verbs and nouns, any sound that i spit up
i have battle rappers usin’ they clappers
because they don’t wanna get up
they all wanna be like me, and so they rewrite

them wack-ss raps that they make and try to fake
so i break bones and holler “jones’ forever”
cleverest sh-t around
but don’t ever let us get you down

well, everybody says, “‘mad, what are the jones’?”
well, let’s see, it’s a posse, true, and it’s a crew
but not really, so what i’m gonna do
is combine ’em all and find a t-tle that’ll fit
we’re a group of money makers from the west that be runnin’ sh-t

fly like a discus, don’t miss this, ’cause it’s me, and
i win fights with more mic energy than a preamp
they listen to ahmad and the jones’ in here rock
and roll with soul, then wanna copy like a xerox

’cause i mic check
and never once sound like das at all
from a superman crew, so i do the impossible
droppin’ y’all whack crews like missiles, then i whistle

kendal’ll bring the 808 until the party say, “the great
‘mad is the king of the ring,” because i bring
funk that shakes the ground
but don’t ever let us get you down

and everybody wanna be like us
i think it’s ’cause we on this mic
we’re the jones’, so
don’t let the jones’ get you down

kick it, i’m back, never can lose, i’m the man when i wanna
might gruff on rappers get ran like jackie joyner
the jones’ everybody wanna be us, they be jockin’
’cause we rockin’ the boat and in control like a remote

so i pack a 38 page rap book, put your gun away
and yell ‘truce’ before i have to get loose and run away
with the t-tle i’ve already won, don’t mean to brag
kendal blew up like a rocket, and i get down like a sag

i nag rappers that don’t follow my lead, and if they need
-ssistance they get dragged the distance in a bag
the jones’ for life, throw up a j if they ever say
who’s runnin’ this town but don’t ever let us get you down

don’t let the jones’ get you down

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