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letra de merciless living - agretator


we have come to a time
when living is a crime
live minute by minute
cause your life has a limit
stillborn children
vomits and pain
eat or be eaten
a law you must accept
lying is a common thing
when you try to survive
living hand in hand with death
is a thing you have to learn
don’t respect anyone
if you won’t join the dead
devotion is an unknown world
in a world built by hate
everyone have their own
dissident persons a fast
reduced to silence
no love existing
in this terrorism
sentenceed to death
we’re all guilty
population of insanity
unspoken words
thoughts based on hate
wisdom conquered by anger
reality equals fantasy
pain equals pleasure
deception fills our heads
like clouds fill the sky
future blind for options
the entrance to the past seems to be
closed for all eternity
slowly sinking civilization
shiftlessly grasping at what once has been
lost in this maze
growing dark and powerful shadows
eat you from inside
that godness will walk the earth again
is too obscure to think
evil versus evil
this will end in a holocaust
no more belief
that the life cycle is forever
don’t ever think about progress
as our reign is heading for disaster
sleep of ages is closing in
faster for every day
stuck in this quandary
no key to the riddle
no hope for better life
merciless living

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