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letra de neverending destiny - agressor


through time and sp-ce
evolution of universe can’t be stopped
nature patries on some real events through her infinite power
no distinction between god and humans
they act in the story of evolution
hour the wind of destiny carrying my light in the corridor of time

our existence is a point on the line of eternity
enter in the deep abyss of time
neverending destiny

during their life, human being has known how to evolute in a special way
but universe is there and it can be changed simply with the acts of one character
the force which rules our endless world go from each part of it
time has come for the complete change to become true
we’re in a new benod, it’s our fate
neverending destiny

a new day rises for humanity
time comes to make way for another life
time changes in the law of evolution
we were satisfied with our old life but
some events have changed it
now we study process of life evolution
through genetic experiencies
human destiny is in our hands
we’ll be reborn from our ashes
neverending destiny