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letra de now - agent 59


were you sorry i was gone
i made a sacrifice of all that was nice
now i haven’t got the one i want
but can’t you see, can’t you see it wasn’t me
i never knew what i was going to do
or what it’d do to you

well now i know that i wanted you to be with me
but i was stupid, i was foolish, i was young and didn’t know what i was doing to you
you started crying, i broke down, i thought you didn’t care but now i want you again
i don’t know why i left, but i know i’m alone

what i see, what i know over there, why’d you go? i don’t want to know
you’re talking to someone who’s not me and i don’t like it cause i don’t have to
you moved on so quickly, you didn’t seem to cry, when i saw you going by


you didn’t give me a second chance everyone needs one
to see what we did wrong, i can’t learn from us when i’m gone
but i don’t know what i’m going to do
but i’ll figure it out and i’ll do it with you