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letra de wonderful tonite - afroman


wonderful tonite

the more you drink
the better i sound.

go to the bar
and buy another round.

i feel wonderful,
how many people feel wonderful tonight

she unfastenes her bra starp,
she slids off her underwear.
the beautiful moonlight, yeaa
reflects on her pubic hair,

i open her legs.
then i slowly slide my tounge inside
i say darlin’.
you taste wonderful tonight!

(haoo) (hahahaha)
yeaa come on yea

hey what’s going on mayne,
are y’all having a good time over here?
it don’t stop,
yo let me hit that mayne, yeaa

say what,..

she sucks on my d-ck head,
she gradually licks my b-lls.
she tickles my -ss hole,
cous’ this girl can do it all.

i came so hard, i slowly lost my eye sight
andi said, darlin’, (yeaaa) you sucked wonderful tonight.

(yeaa, it don’t stop)

hey get the phone mayne.,
[telephone ringing]

h-llo?… what

eric clapmen ain’t going to clear it?

d-mn, tell him to sue me this sh-t is tight