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letra de betrayed - adora


your eyes have turned red.
once beautiful now ashamed.
the girl i once adored.
now different. now gone.
bring back the heart i once thought so highly of.
bring back the one who wasn’t so high and mighty.
i will not sit around and watch you bring your demise.
i cannot sit around and watch your bleeding eyes.

take back what you’ve said.
take back all you’ve done.
your heart will be alone.
you do not deserve me.

i don’t want to let you be part of me.
you had your chances.
and now i am coming clean.
your ego has become larger than life.
have fun with your beauty, it’s all you’ll ever know.

your eyes bring disgust.
your heart fading fast.
your soul once was gold.
now nothing brings it back.

color my insides black and. reveal the pain
my heart will beat again