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letra de seize the day - adjusted


calm, collected, false 24/7, couldn’t act more ordinary
fake to fill the void of some attention.
play another frail and senseless charade

twist and turn moral, “come and join the winners”.
do as they say not as they do
another sheep in a herd of sinners… wouldn’t settle for anything less

as the days move on we wonder why we are still here living in denial
we sit and wait for better days while we’re to scared to
review ourselves

seize the day and lick the wounds tomorrow when we’re out of
things to break
the road to self-control seems kind of narrow.
instability is calling your name

and what we state is still the same
“we might be wrong but not to blame”
we had our fun, we had our time
now let us breathe here for a while
i’m just one man…

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