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not sorry - adamariz


there was a snake in my boot
well, really my shoe
but if it fits, wear it
they’d probably laugh at the reference

but can’t read between the lines
or take the time to reflect when i make my grand exit
i feel like i’m next in line for my check-in (95)
to heaven
or a mission
i don’t know, man, maybe i’m trippin
paranoia had me up at night, always second-guessin
asking god a bunch of questions, cry to sleep
cause no one would listen, wake up in the morning
and try to be a good christian, what am i missing?
maybе you, the old me, who i could, or should be
thе truth shall set us free
el amor que no senti
lo encontre en el que me dio paz y la habilidad de ser feliz
say cheese for the camera, let’s take a trip up to canada
i’m running out of stamina, someone call the janitor
i hurled all the cannabis
i inhaled second-hand smoke
i ain’t tryna act woke or provoke
anyone into believing what man wrote
but if it has a heart of god behind it
then that’s what i’ll quote
especially the red sentences and the proverbs
the psalms hit different
when in my life i’ve faced adversity in my city
i find relief, in ecclesiastes and relating to j.o.b
especially when g.o.d never abandoned me
or them peeps
said bye to l.l.a., but a part of her lives in me
i still remember riding down i-10
screaming at the sky for mercy and for relief
from everything that i’ve seen

only to realize
he ain’t done writing my story
to god be all the glory, cause my life did turn gory
but i prevailed, tell the devil i ain’t sorry
yeah, tell the devil i ain’t sorry
yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, tell the devil i ain’t sorry
i’m not, ay



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