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letra de mindset - adamariz


yeah, it’s adamariz
it’s crazy to me
i got a different mindset
mindset, yeah, ay (95)

you know it’s crazy to me
i got a different mindset
we just acquaintances now, i am not your homie
don’t get it twisted
keep your eyes set on the lord, please
trust me, i done strayed from the path
but god kept knocking on my door
i finally answered, cause it was getting too lonely
i came to the realization that you were my enemy

[verse 1]
the cause of my downfall, you cut off my strength like samson
remember when you used to have a samsung
and we used to sing sad songs
even if bad ones
my fault, i’ve said too much
that was supposed to stay between us
don’t think idk, that you betrayed my trust
way before i ever switched up
you see, i knew this would happen
that’s why i had to pack up and leave
my worship was slacking
biting from the forbidden tree
i hope you’d catch my requests, in my raps when i would talk about us laughing
or maybe crashing
i thought long and hard, after that accident
why would god allow this to happen, again
jesus is my best friend, and i still fall into sin
and i repent
to you i used to vent
it don’t make sense
how the walls were caving in, but then
suddenly you stopped calling
i was slowly withdrawing
locked in the stu for hours trying to make sense of the cowards
who never spoke up, when our names got dragged through all those rumors
my sense of humor is what connected me to the juniors
your ruler mad, cause i’m so much cooler, and it ain’t because of my jeweler
pitbull said it best, i’m undefeated like shula
tell me judas, was it worth it to stab me in the back and yet still introduce us as-
huh, man, i was loyal as rufus, guess that made me a doofus
my raps are still ruthless
from the h, so i’m a nuisance
with or without the music
please excuse this, i’m just mimicking your shrewdness
my bad, i’m speaking from a place of hurt, or maybe it’s all this newness
i spit you out like mucus, in my heart you went from big to my minutus
how could you be so clueless, if it wasn’t for eunice
i’d still be icing you out like lucius

yeah, you know it’s, you know it’s, you know it’s
you know it’s crazy to me
i got a different mindset, we just acquaintances
now i am not your homie, don’t get it twisted
keep your eyes set on the lord, please
yeah, keep your eyes set on the lord, please

[verse 2]
yeah, changed out my anxiety to give praises to the higher being
the irony, like jesus is who i’m trying to be
because if i don’t reflect him, then there’s no point in having a reflection
not to mention all the times i needed correction
now i’m on fire like shego, but not for the evil
i’m doing this for the people
cause when i rebelled and got myself hurt
i felt abandoned by my family, my peers, and then the church
saw so many hypocrites since i was a kid
i always was convinced that religion wasn’t it
i tried to change who i was becoming, only to end up just like them
but god came through again
this a different type of resurrection
satan tried to say objection, but the way i’m stepping
wasn’t no question that i’d be escaping with no injuries, no casualties
that’s what satan tried to plan for me
but no weapon formed against me shall prosper
i’m honored that god protected me, his daughter
untouchable, cause god is my father
no ak’s, tec’s, glocks, bl!cky’s, can prosper
thought i almost lost her
i wanna save souls, but only after
i take the speck out of my own eye
i ain’t tryna be a bad pastor, nah
ay, yeah

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