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letra de mother's day song - adam sandler


crazy chinese resturant guy:
he dine and dash me! he chew and screw me! he sip and skip me!


crazy chinese resturant guy:
he no pay for his four scorpion bowl.

oh, boy.

i’m the kinda guy that can’t stand the holiday
so i drink them all away
that’s me

i don’t decorate no trees
and i won’t eat no potato lakees
but i’ll give this old ladies melons a squeeze
that’s just who i am

well i’ll never spin a dreidel
but i’ll always throw an egg
and i’ll charliehorse your leg- for laughs
while you’re singing your holiday tune
i’m acting like the town bafoon
whipping out my big white scary moon
and blowing a beef your way

i hate folks who think reindeer are cute
to me they’re just something to shoot
i hate love, i hate you, i hate me

well i’m a snowmobile stealing
no ’tis the season’ feeling
kind of guy (kind of guy)

this time of year sucks
so i take my numchucks
and make sure every snowman dies

believeing in santa’s all wrong
and chaunaka’s eight days too long
i hate love, i hate you, i hate me
i hate love, i hate you, i hate me