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letra de this wall - adam richman


crawling swiftly over cracks
over cliffs and even mountains
little obstacles slowing your journey
the red of your skin
protecting all inside you
your legs scamper quickly
over all that you can’t see
and you will never understand
the path that you cross
before these nodding heads who hear a
voice from inside
it speaks to them softly
with questions and answers
continue on, you are not
touched by such pride
and thank something for that
for that pride shall not hurt you
like it has for so many
and ended all life
continue on, you have no
reasons to be worried
which stem from such a past
or caused you such strife
caused you such strife
for you it simply lies
in prolonged survival
and for that you must take all
one at a time
these heads think so different
distorted and bothered
protecting their inner peace
with the hatred they find
and these heads treat you
as just an insect
and your value lies in
nothing of this land
for they will never value
your rich perspective
that special void of which
humanity’s in demand
and it is not life
that they preserve
it is only you
who sees this right
and if they could feel
your p-ssion for survival
they might put aside
this stupid fight
continue on just to
get home before it’s dark
slip past these bobbing heads of madness
who hear such a voice
appreciate these aimless feet
which fight you all the time
if you had the option to be them
to be yourself would be
survival’s choice
oh, little ant
no one can even understand you
still pay no attention
and try not to fall
they will never succeed
as you have in perspective
for the only vision you have
is to crawl across this wall
crawl across this wall
to crawl across this wall
across this wall