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letra de low life - adam ranger


[verse 1]
seekin’ all the sh-t that makes me feel like a f-ck-up
diggin’ through the sh-t that all i really did was f-ck up
writin’ letters to people that all swore that i f-cked up
i told you take a step back because homie, you done f-cked up. huh
you done f-cked up, hey, i done f-cked up, woah
k!llin’ angels, huh, like diablo, hey
monkeyin’ around now, camp lazlo, hey
gave her coco, she call me pablo, huh
that’s a sh-tty bar… f-ck it
i’m whippin’ ghosts and breakin’ bands until i kick the bucket
she gave me little bits, b-tch, i want all of it
i asked if we still friends, but she just like a puppet
she make my heart plummet, or is it only i
she can never know the sh-t that i try to hide
i’m slittin’ both my wrists, but i don’t wanna die
she asked me what is all that sh-t that i keep inside
i’m breakin’ her off, i gave her a ten
she tellin’ me stop, i’m makin’ amends
now she tryna f-ck, i said it depends
she loadin’ my gun, man, what’s her intentions, yuh

[sample: neon genesis evangelion]
kaworu nagisa: “-and since the heart feels pain so easily, some believe life is pain… you are delicate like glass, that is, your heart is,”
shinji ikari: “it is?”
kaworu nagisa: “yes, this is worth earning my empathy,”
[verse 2]
the b-tch ain’t real homie, man, get your sh-t together
if you don’t quit it now, you’re gonna act like this forever
you’re gonna trip with all this sh-t that you balancing
i’d send ya boy to help you, but you’re imagining
man, all this bullsh-t, bro, it’s outta style
you gonna lose yourself, ricka-ricka, 8 mile
you wonder why they run, bruh, you’re so hostile
what you do is what you did, there ain’t no free trial
you cryin’ crocodile, huh, nowhere left to run
wake the f-ck up and quit swallowin’ your gun
you’re gettin’ all f’s, you’re a sh-tty son
you bumpin’ migos ’til the sun comes
the f-ck i gotta do to show you that it ain’t like this?
you gettin’ p-ssed and you’re the only one who’s writin’ this
mixin’ pain with the joy like f-ck a scientist
know i’m spittin’ straight facts, you can’t deny this sh-t
i’m a vinyl junkie spinnin’ all these fire verses
i’m fighting with some demons, (like a) fire versus
really silly that she actin’ like a nympho
can even f-ck her ’cause ya-(inaudible)

[sample: [asmr] cozy coffee shop during a thunderstorm (roleplay)]
“-travel here… i think i’m gonna try that trail… yeah, well, let me check the weather actually… okay, so, hundred percent chance of rain… only for like the next… half-hour? it’ll probably clear up pretty fast… these kind of heavy storms, you know… they blow over,”