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letra de inevitable - adam ranger


“and we are as a people… inherently and historically… opposed to secret soci-”

[verse 1]
new moon k!ller, i’m a fire breathin’ kaiju in this b-tch
unsheathe my blade sixty-nine times just to k!ll a snitch
coke boy sellin’ deep down in the projects
i’m a suburbs kid, still got homies in projects, raw sh-t
all my tracks served quick, cut fresh
shawty wanna ride, baby, say less
real f-ckin’ brothers hold me down for a minute
ups and downs all around me, i still gotta get it

i’m inevitable, snapping fingers to the beat
it’s the butcher, choppin’ up the bl–dy meat
all you rappers sour but my b-tch so sweet
now you can’t get a l!ck, homie, i’mma bring the fleet

[verse 2]
steel-chested motherf-cker ready with the laser vision
ready all my ammunition, hit you with perfect precision
that’s already been said, tryna be unique
tryna stay up always, lookin’ way down at my feet, real neat
that’s what white moms say when they pull up (pull up!)
spinning in a milf just to try it like a teacup (teacup!)
make a ham sandwich, i’mma give her extra mayo
name is mia, call her mama, call me f-ckin galileo
i’m inevitable, pretty stones on my wrist
i’ll make a rapper cry, bro, i’mma leave him p-ssed, huh
i’m a criminal, yes, but i can’t resist
i’mma k!ll ’em all, man, cease and desist

[verse 3]
now i don’t like sh-t, so i don’t go outside
brown eyes, long hair, met her where the clouds hide
i gave her my sweatshirt just to see the fit
and it was right then and there when i was like “aight, i’ll commit”
gettin’ drunk on a yacht out in the bahamas
yet we haven’t done sh-t, we f-ckin’ all in our pajamas
i’m the baddest mamajama ever came out the west side
keep my pockets fattest like my baby mama’s breast size (woo!)

i’m inevitable, i have a whole world
shawty love to rub her fingers all through my curls
i just wrote this whole track in ten minutes at best
my career is f-ckin’ dead, all this sh-t is just a mess