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letra de ny to philly - adagio! (usa)


i know you feelin this
little cool out joint

[verse 1]
you hear we going all out, b-side mix for your disc jocks
to move woken eyes live lesson out yo boom box
this tune knocks from bas-m-nts to rooftops
we take it up a notch, my mic crew but tube socks
from now to infinity, from a to the d, a-g-i up yo assh0l-
without vaseline, we splittin yo spleen
splittin the screen, american dream is what we living
independently driven entrepreneurism
i got the nack to get busy ripping up raw rhythms
when i grip this mic 50-p, i take out 50 states of emcees
shake them leaves from the timbs trees
mission complete like the isles
futuristic flow, exquisite, leaving them frigid
writers block, i never visit, wicked supreme the mic wizard
production, that be knockin at yo b-boy function
strictly bumping for listeners’ consumption
volcanic eruption on every mic i am clutching
leavin n-ggas’ speakers malfunctionin

[chorus x2]
we be the brothers coming through one time to enhance yo mind
hit you with hot beats and rhymes
we ain’t hard to find, nyc to philly
you feel me? (keep it stuck on rewind)
check it out (check it out)
[verse 2]
well it’s the brown skin brother, ass slappin p-ssy gettin emcee
breakin it down for you and yours easily, i’m whippin the
average emcee well in the shape of me and my peeps
and vocal tones that’s blasting on tapes throughout the ny state
you think you great so let’s hear, something to judge you bout
or was that just a real lie?
well lying is a bad habit for you novice emcees
that’s like laying down with dogs then make you wake up and flee
so seize your novice efforts at gaining fame
the obvious plus the rain man makes up the crew name
of adagio, we bustin flows from here to tokyo
new york to philly trying to get this dough so
i write rhymes and do shows and make hot beats for all my n-ggas
holdin heat enduring in the streets
representing mount v
the obvious producer mic record emcee

[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
i rhyme for brothers who never made it, take cats on demo stages
9-to-5 life brothers, pullin minimum wages
courageous cats rocking vests underneath
not even houdini could really catch a slug with his t–th
you got shorties tryna play fly, when they p-ssies is hotter than philly’s second sat-rday of july
so i took advice from old heads twice my age
when pen and pad engage, write like it’s my last page
you never know what is in store, to the fullest i live life
while y’all brothers be rolling a dice
blow em and throw em, yo ass is bettin, i’m callin your bluff
brothers be actin like they be roll up a rush
but you ain’t affiliated in no way, shape or form
do what we had to cause we had to get on
and musically we been sworn to, entertain and form you
coming soon to a local venue near you
[chorus x2]

[outro: emo]
h-llo, this is emo and i was just thinking of stopping by to say
from the uk to the usa, adagio rocks
until our next musical endeavor
peace, love and hip-hop

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