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letra de atomic threat - acoustic torment


atomic threat

a gentle breeze refreshes the hot summer air,
lets rustle leaves and tousle hair.

but the wind brings the dread,
the invisible horror.
soon all life will be dead,
nightmare of terror.
unsuspecting population,
suspense rules and sorrow.
times of infection
and atrocity will follow.

cause of the bad scenery
is some escaped radioactivity.

released by an accident
in a nuclear power station,
or escaped by
atomic waste transportation,
the cloud of torment
covers the wholy nation.

all percautions useless,
every warning too late;
attempts of cover up fruitless,
too big is the fate.

no more day without pain,
radiation comes with every blast;
no more walking in the rain,
normal life is past.

chaos – helplessness
flight – emptiness
contamination – illness
torture – death.

again it blows a breath of air,
no rustling leaves, no tousling hair.
(radiation everywhere.)

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