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letra de joyreaper - absurdus


i’ve been blessed by the great pain of living
my path is hard, my way is d-mn heavy
through the cold, ice cold snow
in the cold i will walk alone

to me the sun haven’t shine
to me that delight is the biggest of all lies
wherever i go, wherever i roam
the darkness is my only hope

aah…the reaper my saviour
when the life turns to night the silver blade will shine

don’t you come to cross my way
don’t give me hope of a another day
just step aside and run away
stay away from my life – my pain

this frustration you can’t feel
all this anger and misery
this sickness that reigns in me
is this how it was ment to be?


so you tell me:”there is hope”
but no, i’m at the end of my rope
there won’t be any victory of man
and when it comes to hope…i don’t give a d-mn

so f-ck you and f-ck your life
i’ll rape all the things that makes you smile
and wherever you go, wherever you roam
the darkness is your only hope

just do it and bleed with me
reaper is here to set you free
to release the pain, running in vein
to undo the dark, to cut hard


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