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letra de 0 to 100 remix - abrzy rahman


[verse 1]
f-ck being on some chill sh-t
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
i be sonning n-ggas on my uncle phil sh-t
fresh prince of my city- bangladeshi will smith
oh lord, know yourself know your worth n-gga
every single night man you know i put in work n-gga
all my life i’ve faced a lot of hurdles on this earth n-gga
but i kept on pushing like your mum’s giving birth n-gga
been a tough week, promoters turned me down
but i stay turning up i ain’t never turning down
i suggest they turn around, better start running now
before i get the lyrical “brrrrr!” and you know i gun em’ down
let em know who run the town, let em know who the crown boy
don’t you dare run your mouth boy
all my life i wanted to fit in, now i’m standing out boy
stood out like a homeless person, see his hands are out boy
shout out goes to steph, called me up the other night
asking about my new sh-t, said my sh-t was f-cking tight
you know she was h-lla faded she love to get too on
loves it when i tear the beat it up, tear it up like coupons
shout out to my old b-tch i say shout out to my new b-tch
i say shout out to the women that be playing all my music n-gga
promise i’ma do it man i always keep it moving
tiger tribe don’t be acting like you don’t know who my crew is i swear
i could never get enough of this
0 to 100 real f-cking quick
every athletics day i would come in last place
i just think its funny cause i run this sh-t, trust this sh-t
take it to whole another level
while i’m tryna spit that hot sh-t watch me flow like the devil dawg
honestly try stopping me, everybody wanna be on top
there’s only room for one kid like china’s family policy i do it!
and they coming at my neck
thinking i’m the easiest target
they said i shouldn’t be rapping i should be working at a dairy or
serving meals at a market but i swear breezy’s the hardest
and i’m still eating regardless, i’m still beating these artists
and if they wanna try me i promise i’ll leave them departed you know it
say what you wanna man you can do what you wanna
but i’m still light the beat up just like some marijuana
man you don’t want no drama
buzzing like a honey bee
i appreciate every fan that stuck with me
i’m flexing on these n-ggas like all i do is gym
and i’m stressing all these n-ggas like i caught em with a spliff
and i’m the police, f-ck boy you don’t know me
we can take it back to when a young boy still in o.c
still battle rapping, still quick to make it happen
every single instrumental boy you know i get to snapping watch me get it
with or without ramadan b-tch you know that i just stay hungry
everything to gain what i got to lose? nothing you can take from me
how do you want to do it?
i don’t race to the finish line, b-tch i run through it
i go 0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, tiger tribe on that trill sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, whole squad on that real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick, real f-cking quick n-gga

[verse 2]
whole squad on that real sh-t x 2
shout out theo, he told me to keep it humble
he said i’m on the road to success but vanity will make me stumble
gotta understand that i always been that antelope
but ever since i started rapping i’m the tiger out the jungle d-mn
i always been that kid with that low self esteem
so i think it’s only natural when you’re close to your dreams
that you stray from who you are
but i count on the family to stop me drifting way to far girl i swear it
shout out to my queen b
i just pray to god that you will never leave me
always got my back for me
always doing that for me
any n-gga talking sh-t she come out there and bat for me
never swing and miss cause she always brings it home though
trying to figure out what i wanna do in life
you only get one so i feel you better do it right
and this the sh-t that i be thinking as i’m rolling through the night

as i’m rolling through the night
as i’m rolling through the night
whole squad on that real sh-t
shout out to the fans we gon’ show them what the deal is