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letra de im just me - abk (anybody killa)


im just me

all this time i spend just writing down
these thoughts that build in my head
i try to get away but they keep chasing me down
they tell me set them free
so this is how i release
by giving everything to you
so you can witness what’s in me

[chorus x2]
all i am is who you see (who you see)
all i give is what you really need (what you believe)
i’m just me, i’m just me
i’m just me, i’m just me

i just don’t understand why these feeling take control over me
is it just because i’m weak or is my mind all that they need
cause when i close my eyes is when they usually try to speak
and when i awake i just grab my pen because that’s how i spread my wings

[chorus x2]

is your eyes wide open, do you feel like you can’t keep copin
do you believe in what you see
all these words that have been spoken keep some alive
and always searchin because they believe in what they see

[chorus x4]

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