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letra de close call - abk (anybody killa)


close call

[verse 1]
right place, right time, close call, what does it matter?
clean get away, keepin’ my dirty pockets fatter
smooth operation, plans well thought out
hands in the air is what i’m talkin about
no doubt call me a warrior, i’m runnin’ with a hatchet
the one crazy native representin’ psychopathic
down for the d cause the d is where i struggle
underground, wicked sh-t, mothafacko!

[hook x2]
do you want that native sh-t?
yes we want that native sh-t
do you want that crazy sh-t?
yes we want that crazy sh-t
do you want that wicked sh-t?
yes we want that wicked sh-t
do you run with a hatchet?
yes we run with a hatchet

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