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letra de it follows - abica


wake, he’ll rise, he’s formless and quick
with those deep red eyes, trying to hide now
but there’s nowhere to go
i can run away and hide but i’m always too slow
i can feel it, i don’t know what it needs
but it’s always been there, it’s always chasing me
in the darkness, that’s what it said it’s best
it’s going to build the room but not lay down too fast

and not get up, get on, get out the room
i got to stay on the move but we don’t give me feeling it
so i’m out the door, jumping in my car
i put the pedal to the floor but i don’t get far
car right behind me, grinning in the rear view
whispering to me that he’s got a crystal clear view
of what to come and what it’ll do
until i slam into a car, shattered glass right through

the apparition, i hear the thing is calling me
it’s always there to take me, why i need what needs to say
to try meditate and medicate no
still within the shadows though it comes to be and goes along
our choices that i do are wrong
the phantom chose to come back, running out of options
i’m heading to the tarmac
i feel this grip, it’s getting coldest
so i’ll find a jet and get behind the controls
and then i’ll fire up number one and two
taxi to the runway, then shut down the apu
when i blast off, it’s got to be a dream
i mean, what the h-ll am i doing up in the cloud?
tired from the stinging, dong i call from the back
i’m the only one here, so why a f-cking gotta add?

so i’m on the attack but there’s nothing for me to grab
it’s just a shadow, weaving fast
back to the c-ckpit, throttle the idle, spoilers up
and then i drop it, but what is the matter with
there’s nothing to do to stop it
i’m on the ground, running while the phantom is hunting
and the cops are gunning, put me where i’m gunning, defenseless

the fear repeats, the cause of me
i hear the thing is calling me
it’s always there to take me, why i need what needs they say
to try meditate, magic within the shadow
it comes to me, it goes along
don’t want to go, let me go, let me move on

let me go now, let me just get controlled now
let me know how, let me run and went down
let it go now, all the things that i f-cked up
it’ll come around, let it go now, let me go now
let me go, here we go now, here we go now
here we come now, here we go now, down
all the things that i come down, all the things that i’m letting go down
let it go down, i don’t keep the cause of me
i hear the thing, it’s calling me
it’s always there to take me, why i keep releasing days
try not to let it go down, let it go down, let it go down
close won’t be

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