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letra de lost - abby normal


did you get lost? didn’t you know notice
the same way you got here my dear is the only way out
do you need a friend? would you like a warm fire?
settle right down here my dear ‘cause there’s no need to cry… oh no
don’t be so startled my dear cause’ your not going to die…
not yet
the dreams aren’t so bad here my dear if you just close your eyes
“close my eyes?”… “why?”

did you stray from the path my friend, did you follow the road
the road to ruin again, has fate forebode
fantasy aint your luxury, this aint your game
ecstasy and your company pride lost in the rain

try or die – you should know – it’s the only way outta here
fight or cry – it’s quite a show – why don’t you face your fear
try or die – this is the way to go – it’s the only way outta here
fight or cry – it’s nice n’ warm below – why don’t you face your fear

it seems you lost your way again, maybe it’s time to give up
after all what’s this journey worth when the going gets rough
have a seat we’ll negotiate a way out for you
just sign right here and i’ll give you my word i see that your through

“come, come right in my dear, welcome child”
“how was your trip?”
“pssssst, i’ve got something for you”
“follow me, i’m sure you’ll find it as a nice surprise”
“oh my god…no!”
“how about a little treat my dear”
“ha ha ha ha ha ha”