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letra de jodye - a$ap rocky


[verse 1]
b-tch motherf-ckers trying to fake it trill
sneak diss you just to make a bill
now the world won’t take you serious
when i met you, you was painting nails
leave a motherf-cker layin’ still
b-bang him with the stainless steel
cause i’m making the order
laugh at the altar, pullin’ a lord up
don’t get someone sawed up
your brain in a sawdust, n-ggas is washed up
i bang out in florida
shoot in miami, goons out in georgia
been to new orleans
but still a new yorker, n-gga the talk of
town, n-gga we bossed up
bounce, but when you talk to the lord
of course, you’re forced to
bow down like a motherf-ckin’ peasant
still that pretty motherf-cker
and you know harlem’s what i’m reppin’ n-gga

f-ck them other n-ggas ’cause i’m down for my n-ggas
f-ck them other n-ggas ’cause i’m down for my n-ggas
f-ck them other n-ggas, i’ll ride for my n-ggas
i’ll die for my n-ggas, man, f-ck them other n-ggas!

lord, please talk to me lord
i am here for you lord

[verse 2]
gettin’ faded, hair gettin’ braided, sophie sniffed a line of ye
playin’ spades, bumpin’ jimi hendrix “purple haze”
a 40 to the face, call my homies from around the way
give me that p-ssy, i’ll be on my way
but grab the jimmy so the b-tch don’t get no cash up out me
pretty n-gga, i’m a jiggy n-gga, ask about me
f-ck n-ggas talkin’ trash about me
but you know i toke a gauge, it can make any problem go away
talkin’ jay, talkin’ ye, that mean you n-ggas talkin’ cray
razor blade across your face, i fix my face then walk away
i guess then there’s nothin’ more to say
trill n-gga to the death, whether h-ll or the pearly gates
i think back to my early days
whippin’ and pinchin’ that broad dough
it’s a bit different now, switchin’ and flippin’ that raw flow
substance get me higher, reefer and some fire
the devil is a liar, biased preachers shall retire
jesus walked on water, i’m preachin’ to the choir
long live a$ap, now bow to your messiah, b-tch!

let the lords toast with the lords
toast to the lords
when come gods, come lords
lords! lords! lords!
oh, lord! toast to the lords!
as we live this day, please pray for us
when comes the saints, comes the evils, brings the lords