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letra de dewalt freestyle - a6surd nerdz


just gonna do what i do man
don’t…don’t worry about none of that extra sh-t
mr. fritz…

goat talk, yeah i been one/
toast spark for the income/
chopsticks for the dim sum/
seen ya last check that’s a dim sum/

with the coldest raps/
mr. fritz had been known to snap/
while you tryna buy coats off racks, my n-ggas wanna buy up culdesacs/

mattapan i was born and raised, i remember days we had roaches, rats/
had to cope with that/
got heat where the stove was at/

from a city where the soldiers at/
know some b-tches wanna get me like i owe them cash/
you get a whip, you get a whip, you get a whip/
got em thinking that i got oprah’s stash/

i ain’t chilling with those cobras
them gonna have 5-0’s comе and open bags/
like, wherе the holsters at?/
find none, then i roast his ass/
swine come then i ghost his ass/
headshots, then i’ll leave em where the vultures at/
little n-ggas can’t ball like this godd-mn
somebody should’ve coached his ass/

heard ya catalog and i gotta say, on dogs
everything that you wrote was trash/
you could quote this, facts/
get a job filling grocery bags!/

street dreams like i’m ’03 fab/
understand that you are f-cking with an og fam/
gang green but a kobe fan/
now and forever n-gga

(these n-ggas standing on too much business man…)

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