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letra de flex my peace - a3 & 350


[verse 1: 350]
talk how i want i’m a renegade
if i pop they gone pray that i been a fake
all they homies wanna come and just throw a fade
you can throw away i talked to god today i feel-
and i feel that spirit all on me
i want tats on my body like tony
in the a imma miss my mommy
dnd so please don’t call me
i been stressed a bit
been in a deficit
come test the kid you bozo
rolling with the best of it
i throw flows for the heck of it you could too, hey
hoolies making heaven come through, hey
come and see that heaven is true, yuh
flex my peace and my truth, hey
flex my king and my crеw, yuh
back in my bag i devote my faith
i’m a paranoid body i want a big ak
going duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh
don’t stop all day
gotta look for the fathеr i gotta walk my praises
and i’ve had my phases
struggle with doubt, struggled with my faith
and i found my place
struggled being humble gotta find my lane, yuh