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letra de last words - a.o.n


{straight thru verse}

one side of me’s tellin me i just want you with me
but your friend tells me that without me you will be happy
n-body else can see what’s goin on inside of me
but one the inside i’m dying while on the outside i’m crying
while lying in my room i lay hurting and alone
it gets hard to even make words when we’re talkin on the phone
you say you love me, i believe you, but i start to wonder why
your friend’s tellin me you say the same thing to another guy
the only thing i know in this world is that baby i love you
but maybe you don’t mean it when you say that you love me too
maybe it’s not your fault, maybe you don’t know what love is
maybe it’s my job to show you, or maybe that job is his
i l-o-v-e-y-o-u, baby i love you and when i say those words
to you i hope you know that they are true
baby you’re the air i breathe, i’ll die if you ever leave
you are the one and only reason this heart of mine still beats
baby i love you from the very deep depths of my soul
i say i want you to pursue him but i don’t want you to go
baby, i love you true, i just want what’s best for you
and even if it kills me i’ll do d-mn near anything for you
baby all you need is ask, i’ll try my best to do the task
if it calls for the air i breathe, baby i’ll give you my last (breath)
but baby you have to do something for me in return
you need to figure out for which one of us your heart yearns
when we’re on the phone i try my best to act like nothings wrong
but my heart is slowly dying as time is p-ssing on
baby the pain is hard to take, my heart is starting to break
baby i’m crying so much that my room starts to look like a lake
baby i love you so much i don’t want you to go
but until you find out how he feels baby you’ll never know
and baby i think you’ll regret it, get angry and upset that
you never found out how you feel, and if your love for me is real
always i’m dying inside, always i’m trying to hide
my pain behind lying eyes, but there’s always escaping sighs
always i’ll love you, forever baby it’s true
so now i’ll listen to the music as i think about you
but first i’ll do one thing, before i cease to sing
i’ll tell you i still feel the same as when i gave you the ring
that i got when my grandpa died, love is what it signifies
so now i have one thing to tell you before i say goodbye
just three words will do, so perfect and so true
the three words are as follows baby: i love you
so i guess i’ll turn off the mic, before i say goodnight
so baby i love you and i wanna say goodbye…