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letra de tekken rap - a casual villain


with heihachi, i’m bad, hit you with the foot smash
don’t blame it on the lag, beast in the player match
monster on the rank, real nice with the king
combo grappling, pile driver on the concrete
no wrestling ring, oh, i might pick paul
flat top real tall, knock you up against the wall
watch your energy fall hit the ground, lei wu long
roll up like a ball, switch to the snake stance
no, i don’t get fazed, when eddy starts to dance
just hit ‘im with a sweep kick, make that fool backflip
noobs sleep on jin like, he is a mattress
him and kazuya is two of the baddest
but in my opinion, heihachi’s still the master
machine gun blastin’, you can’t dodge that
i’m a punchin’ machine when i choose to pick jack
now, tell me who’s hotter, christi or nina?
can’t choose between ’em
anna is the meanest, xiayuou is the cutest
and when i pick mich-lle, you is the loser
yosimitsu chooser, i bruce bruce bruise ya
sendin’ noobs flyin’, uppercuts by bryan
perfects with law, and i ain’t even tryin’
from tekken 3 on, i been king kong
back then i was beastin’, with lei wu long
turn my back, then, when you attack sweep kick, back flip
then when tekken tag hit, that began the madness
i got, way meaner, heihaci mashima
hammer fist ya, to submission, so much for the competition
fast forward, still the best in the world
from tekken 3 to 6, you could make a list
i’m not the one to reckon wit’

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