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letra de s – 80ate


[verse 1]
dissection of the lyrics n-gg- feel it when the lyrics on a match up with the spirit
and my spirits kinda angry at the minute and i wouldn’t wanna hurt you through my lyrics
pun the pen to the pad or my fingers on my f-cking phone i should be left alone
i’m getting angry like a monkey in cage in a rage while i’m jumping on the stage (ahh!)

ascending almost like i’m in the ending, reerending the ending im ending this with a f-ck you and have a nice day cause today i’m in a way where i’m feeling kinda mean cause i’m mean on a beat i found my flow, n-gg-
i’m inclined to the throne like i’m thanos and i take my 6 jems put on them on my hand then i grab the mic stand f-ck up in the crowd and i’m

nasty n-gg- understand why i’m nasty n-gg- understand that a n-gg- didn’t plan for the day when a n-gg- on his way with the rap sh-t i was like sh-t okay
i might as well try it and i’m thanking god that a n-gg- back down, back down like you f-cking on a come down n-gg-, come down all the way to my town dig your own grave like a slave cause you tryna be brave n-gg- i’m visionary heatwave be safe the only be safe is making sure your beats safe beats are the only f-cking thing that you have a f-cking chance at beating me with n-gg-!
beating me with n-gg-!
and now you tryna act scared like you wasn’t really there when i told you that im a motherf-cker k!ller (ahh!)

[bridge x2]
tick tock goes the clock
tick tock goes the clock
your times running out
tick tock goes the clock
you find your glock and hunting for me down the block!

[verse 2]
i’m scary
i’m scary you hear my voice and you tryna think of what to do cause you knew when i told you that it was there for you
now “boo hoo” cry b-tch you peice of my mind for (4) your logic cause you a slave in trade like you’re fair trade a n-gg- really tryna think of what your parents made

what’s you parents made?
what they really made..
i pour a drink on a track cool it down like a fan from a can cause i can cause it’s


i k!lled this track


and now i’m vexed cut short abort the board i’m boarderline being bored of bored (ahh!)

[bride 2]
tick tock
goes the clock
i rock
it’s my time

[verse 3]
listen to the riddim of the rythem that i’m spitting when i’m getting the attention off a n-gg- when he’s winning now k!ll them

k!ll em with the kindness of you hyness in there hinus push the lyrics all the way up too the -n-s now slash

slash like you gotta f-cking rash on your -ss and you can’t stop scratching so you bash till hurts till hurts now you gonna make it worse
now you’re gonna make it worse
now you’re gonna make it worse now..

reimburse you

i rebuerse you like a toy from the shop and i took you f-cking back cause i fell on my back and then i dropped you “boo hoo” again “boo hoo” again, why the sarcasm like i’m watching anime?
you n-gg-s fear that i’m fearing fearing not today
you n-gg-s fear that i’m fearing fear not today

(open up!)

ive made it
i’m here
are you here?
can you hear?
i can you hear you f-cking loud and clear
you might be 808 but i’m 66 to the 6 call me 666, n-gg-
voodoo tricks and you mix lyrics in the mix and you fix mastering issues mix it’s a fix like when a n-gg-s in election correction obama

more like osama
illuminati tatted on my body like i’m catching bodies
n-gg-, i’m a body but my mind is elsewhere but my mind is elsewhere you’re gonna find it nowhere
you’re gonna find it nowhere
you’re gonna find it nowhere
you shouldn’t mind cause our mind is my mind n-gg- do you mind?