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letra de ‎bluud - ​*67​ (usa)


[verse 1: -67]
i’m a [?]-[?]-[?]-[?]-[?]-[?] and my wrist stay bl–dy
i might turn into a vamp, i [?] say she love me
-67 be so based, and that’s why she wanna f-ck me
b-tch, i’m international, i’ma make it out the country
i’m in russia, heard they love me
sippin’ lean, it’s so bubbly
grab my nose, it’s so runny
bullets hit you in yo’ stummy
b-tch, i keep that tommy tucked, he gon’ run into his mommy
n-gga gonna be- gonna be- gonna be gone, ‘cause this n-gga is a dummy
turn that n-gga to a lame, get the pack and now i’m runnin’

[verse 2: xhris2eazy]
posted up with sixty, got like 67 hoes, uh
brodie keep that tool because we got a lot of foes, uh
get up out my face ’cause i don’t owe you nothin’, uh
tryna’ act hard man, know that you bluffin’
my b-tch wearin’ ed hardy, uh
you broke, you workin’ at arby’s, uh
you should probably go join the army, uh
walk in thе spot with gas pack on me
offered a drink, i turn to a zombiе
look at my face and i look like zombie
[?] my fit, now abercrombie
better [?] f-ck you around me
n-ggas switchin’ up like the weather
pull off your face wear it like some leather
live on the edge, i’m heath ledger
put on my mask, b-tch, i’m the joker
i’ll keep a straight face like i’m playin’ poker
if you cross me once, then b-tch, it’s over
might drop a 30 up in my soda
vince carter, b-tch, i’m slam dunkin’
my heart so cold, like minnesota

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