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freestyle - 4kmazii


you say you won’t eat that boy ’cause it’s too much work, i think you gon’ manage
my bros like infinity stones when they all with me, if i snap my fingers the oppas gon’ vanish (on gang)
ocean on my wrist and neck, who’d have thought that my wrist would be where they discovered atlantis
and yo shawty coochie, atlantic
plus she let me beat and i ain’t even plan it (on god)
people always say that i’m mean
but i’ll be nice if you a money machine
only colors that matter are purple and green
’cause you got the money the gas and the lean (fo’ sho’)
if the gang hit a lick then i’m takin’ the lead
you can cap for the gram but you can’t fool me (no sir)
these n-gg-s be c-ck blockin’, screen
i still cross ’em out bodies droppin’ like threes (yuh)
a-b-c-d, i’m the alpha and that’s a bet
my glock named katrina leave a n-gg- wet
he gone choke, he know i’ma threat
now he get smoked, like a cigarette
choppa like a speaker it really be blastin’
tip toe in his crib like i’m michael jackson
i don’t see a green screen my n-gg- why you actin’
twelve lights, we on camera, now it’s time for action
put $w-nkk on the scene, n-body gettin’ past him
think flaucy a mark, you dyin’ if you ask him
put smoke in the air and we lovin’ the smell
choppa ringin’ on christmas like a jingle bell
shorty granted my wishes n-gg- tinkerbell
it’s big mazii and i know that name ring a bell, yuh

you a dumb-ss n-gg-, i told y’all n-gg-s, i was really finna, really finna pop out with some heat, y’all thought i was gone forever. thought y’all n-gg-s was sane, no i’m really back with some heat, know i’m sayin’. big 4k, mazii, ya dig
(freestyle gang, freestyle gang
freestyle gang, freestyle yuh)