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gift of gab - 416dede


pushing a price, ain’t selling what you like
rolling the dice, you know that’s every night
one for twenty, three for the fifty, got every portion right
one for twenty, three for the

turn intofarrakhan, john when i’m trapping
can’t wait on them to pass it, come and take it off the basket
just signed a media deal, i’m doing damage
they don’t understand it in english, let’s do the spanish

out the ventana, it’s muy buena, yo take off like quavo
i take off loose kinda, n-gga, hasta manana
i just sold another hundred, that’s a three-piece blanca, they know i’m a problem
undеrstood, explained it, i got it

drop top with the wifеy, let it down cause i fought it
they copy the object, work i’m putting in for the profit
private probably posting pictures, posse get n-ggas polished
pursue passion with a purpose, pop for i let them pop me

riding in the rental, every instrumental getting done up like a chicken tender
ain’t no meal i’m missing
no veneers, t–th whiter than the brand new sada
baby go crazy when i’m stepping like a brand new todler

what he want, the goon or the goblin, hakuna matata
i step back and i shoot from the top end
tryna eat, bring my food and my piece to the topping
they ain’t have to grab no nocolas to see that i’m locked in
and i stand on all ten behind my cheese, they be lactose
50k plaque post, hanging it on the back door
yeah, i think they know like diarrhea i’m bout to blow
i don’t think it’s comical, ain’t got no time to joke

places that i gotta go, but i could weigh the profit though
grade a hundreds, i got money on the honor roll
i was running out of options, couldn’t run it, tell n0body
it be obvious that they don’t get acknowledged

come and see bout how i’m rocking, don’t go looking for no vouchers
i could up it quicker, roll from the shoulders
really bout it, placing bait out for the mouses
when i’m cleaning out them houses

bout to step like a new theta, count me up like calculators
sheesh, i could make a dog buy a flea, i got the gift of gab
i thought i was bout to turn to meech, trapping them nickelbags seeds
falling all out my sneaks, trying to flip this half

i ain’t lying, yeah i had to sneak, but i was sinning bad
man, look, run it back, run it back, you know what it is
they already knew how far i couldn’t , wait to get back in the booth for real



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