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apt. 5h freestyle - 41, jenn carter, tata & kyle richh


{intro: jenn carter}
it’s carter d-ckhead

{verse 1: jenn carter}
know i said it already i’ll say it again
he on my d-ck and he got no house
how you with em they call you a mouse and that b-tch is a thotty, she breakin’ it down
and i stay with 9 when i bend
n-ggas shredded and talk out they mouth
if i catch me a opp then i’m laying em down
41 is the talk of the town
i got a knock with a clip it get heavy
if you popped n-gga kick me chevy
i put n-ggas on, i think n-ggas forget
she a thot she gon sleep with the telly
you get shot in your belly, not keeping it steady
and my weapon my only possession
n-ggas dissing, that sh-t ain’t p-
if you talking on bro we gon teach em a lesson
keep that aggression
s-send em to heaven
that lil boy is a b-tch if we see him we feenin that sh-t ain’t a question
turn off my feelings i keep me a switch
n-ggas dissin, they belong in a ditch
like i might oot if i shoot i don’t miss
and if tata (ahh) with me i might catch ano-
{verse 2: tata}
n-ggas keep dissin, imma let em rock
if i see em put em inna box
oh he keep poppin sh-t i’ll let it pop
like no vaccine i’ll give that boy a shot
big 41 on my back what you tellin me
n-ggas know that i’m droppin the uh
n-ggas they envy, they can’t be ahead of me
throw up the dub, i do it for my bros
and i be spending mad money on clothes
no lil yachty she driving the boat
i catch a hit then its something like limbo
leave out the stain n-ggas know i get low
lately i feel like its everyone shot
nowadays everyone got a knock
like at the top i ain’t talkin no cr-p
and it’s no gta but i sat with my-
n-ggas look and i might start flockin and sh-t
bad b-tch like shoppin and sh-t
she gon pop it and lock it and sh-t
inna spot and i’m 41 boppin and-
n-ggas sayin its all 4 shottin and sh-t
so i stay with my grip
like if he dissin add him to the list
ion know what i did but they be on my d-ck
{verse 3: kyle richh}
why would you run on the gang
like couldn’t catch em we shot at his friend
like, i’m trynna catch me a m
like he went live he ain’t think we would bend
even in the trenches i see through it all
told bro i don’t want you to crash ha
like heart broke when i got that call
came home just got me a new gun
bro up first he ain’t lettin him do nun
gun em down if we think he a shoota
like i be ready to oot at his oota
don’t got the stuck on aruga
(like d-mn)



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