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letra de cogs - 404


rusty cogs grinding in your head-sp-ce
t–th grating so hard it’s gonna tear face
and you’re starting to sweat
mouth shut, eyes peeled, who’s conversation can you fetch?

howlin’ dogs, howlin’ in the moonlight
can you hear as they try to get their sh-t right?
can you feel all the roaches in your brain?
do you wonder if you’ll ever have an empty head again?

nothing is sacred
mines that are safe are the mines that are vacant
and you realize you’re paranoid
your thoughts, your emotions, null and void

touching fingers, outer sp-ce
all your earthly emotions will be erased
the machine breaks in front of your eyes
it’s a mask you put on, not the best disguise

can’t hide all your outward insecurities
can’t sway in the breeze with the other trees
you want to scream at your best friends
no one is doing you more harm than them

still you choose to -ssociate
you can’t take your mouth from the clear bait
everybody will leave you at some point
might as well meet up at the same joint

this carousel you’re endlessly riding on
is gonna wear you out ’till you’re dead and gone
it’s time to go back home
you don’t want to be out too long

the drive home is d-mn near unbearable
that same f-ckin’ song on the radio
get reminded of what you don’t have
you don’t care if you just f-ckin’ crash

tell yourself you’re worthless
just convince yourself that you don’t mean sh-t
after all, what’s the harm?
you’ve done it two times, and the third time’s the charm

small d-ck, weak arms, no abs
if only that sh-t were up for grabs
you’re a sad little sh-ll
nothing’s left inside but a wish for h-ll

don’t tell
they’ll know who it was when they heard you fell
and of course they’ll just shrug it off
who knows, maybe one of them will cough

f-ckin’ nightmares penetrate your daydreams
f-ckin’ nightmares ruining the good deeds
you have no one to show for it
your friends all laugh when you go for it

these cogs need some brand new lube
get them working, before you lose
get them spinning like four years ago
get them working so everyone will know

you wish you were never f-ckin’ born
there’s not a single thing for which you don’t feel scorn
it’s a cyclical process
no reason to sit back and obsess

still you can’t stop the thoughts
running back and forth, like a mad dog
k!lling all your joy so slowly
this water is surely unholy

stop thinking what you’re thinking
stop blinking, just stop blinking
you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled
you need to know if it’s truly real

what do you feel?
is this real?
is it worth it?
is life really worth it?

no! get away from me!
get away from me!
leave me alone!
go away, go away!
stop being stupid!
god, i’m so stupid!
f-ck myself!
f-ck me!