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letra de awakening - 40 below summer


as the dark clouds they do gather
i sing my last lament
for the ravens they do gather
my strength is almost spent
my life force it dispreses
my blood lies in the sand
the darkness is close at hand
gaf roi ga my companion
i have put my trust in thee
but the darkness of the grave
claims us all, eventually
i bid farewell to my loved ones
they and my kinsmen, please remember me
through sacred lugh, my father
my name will never die
the deeds i have achieved
insures my name amongst my brother
throughout the sacred green of eireann
my name will echo in the valleys
cu chulainn hound of ulster
cu chulainn bane of medhabh
cu chulainn hound of ulster
cu chulainn champion of men
son of an immortal
immortal he shall be
journey to the otherworld
to live eternally
from emain macha
to tara’s hall
your name will live as legend
and to your memory
i give a toast
dwell with the fairy host
a farewell to a hero
your motal days are gone
your soul now doth fly
as free as the sun

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