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letra de do you believe? pt. iii - 2mørvs


[verse1: dr. jordan b. peterson]
otherwise, maybe you should think twice about it
because, you know, there’s a line in the new testament
that christ himself says
two of them, i should read them, too
’cause they’re very relevant to this
i guess i could paraphrase them
a rich man comes up to christ and says
and- and says
good- good leader, good lord
and he asks him a question about how it is
that he should be a good person
and christ says
don’t call me good
there’s no one that’s good but god
and, you know
that’s worth thinking about
i mean, the one person
that in principlе
in our ancient stories
had the right
to makе some direct connection
between himself and the divine
was unwilling to do it when challenged
and so it might be reasonable to assume
that each of us
could be much more cautious about
making that sort of statement bluntly when we’re asked
and then the other line is, uh:
[verse2: dr. jordan b. peterson]
“not all those who say lord, lord will
enter the kingdom of heaven”
got that about right
which means something approximating
just because you make a claim to moral virtue
let’s say your belief in god
which i- i- i can’t see how you can make
a higher claim to moral virtue than that
you know, i mean, agnostic, atheistic, i don’t really care
the point is something like this
imagine something of ultimate transcendent value
i don’t care wether you believe in it or not
but imagine that something like that exists
and then you swear allegiance to it
which is to say
i believe in this
i mean, there’s a heavy moral burden
that comes along with that
just to allow yourself to utter the words
without feeling that
you should be immediately
struck down appropriately by lightning
and so- well and so i think
that’s why that question
makes me uncomfortable
it’s that i don’t think i have a-
i don’t think i have a right
to make that proclamation