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letra de structure - 2hollis & circleain



i stand like a structure ancient in a world i know
and she talk too much i ghost her but im still feeling alone (i stay in the zone)
they copy the scripture some would maybe call them clones
but i hang as a picture in the picture sitting on a throne (tenflower my home)
you had no idea, yea no idea
you say nice to meet ya, dont agree yea
i can hardly breathe yea, can hardly speak yea
this sh-t not for free ya, cannot speak yuh
stay low, ring on me like halo
wrap the sword in a cloth like a bankroll
they know, they know what i say tho
im deep in the dungeon and its painful

raining it get wеt out
my team goin in we stretchеd out
can’t catch up to us cause we already posted at the next town
ride around whole osx with me and we test out
like a lion now im with my mane and we finna pop out
jump you like im ang
i bet you i could make it tame
circle and then ain
not breathin in im finna faint yuh
shadow of the dead yuh he get cut out not in frame yuh
stray no place to stay
yea it linger dont go away nah
they can’t get up on my wave
tryna measure can’t find the length
like a feather got no weight
if i want it ain’t gonna wait
it came in but it came late
i scr-pe him up leave him in frame
yeah im on spot but i can’t say-ay-ay-ay uh
khajit in the night so now i can see just when i go walk around
pretty sure they talking now
[?] t-shirt so they be tappin out
asgard step out the dresser now
they could try but they can’t bring it down
just like choppa my team singin now uh

yea, you know i get it, go
with the o-s-x fallin like some snow
longsword in my hands finna slice you up
i got no other f-cking plan except this hilt im finna clutch
wet you up inside the rain i feel like god
and you say that youre invisible but i can see you walk
b-tch its 9oclock why the f-ck you hit me up
dragon in the way thats like a stick up in the mud


i fight with alduin
they gon go when i begin
big rose know the eyein it
cross osx thats a deadly sin
battle where at im in ten
i keep me a wolf [?]
slip the knot and they knowin it
slip the knot before they notice it
i play that sh-t like a violin
real magic dont need violence
im with 2 and we just spyin in
yeah the dragon ancient binding
we do that chain sh-t and they bitin it
yeah that sh-t gettin tiring
cut him out if he a tyrant
look through my window and they spyin in