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letra de trap sht only - 26clip


aye cuh watch out aye cuh grab that grab that
man they say that them people right around the corner bruh we gotta go bruh, trippin. 26, tightin down bruh

sh-t hot, but i’m still getting don’t give a d-mn n-gga
don’t tell me bout no scams you know all i know is grams n-gga
firm on that business that’s the only way to stand n-gga
this that mob talk i don’t think you understand n-gga
trapping ass n-gga i came up off selling 10 n-gga
forever after money they already know i’m fam n-gga
got that white girl but this ain’t save the last dance, n-gga
i’ma take that risk you to scared to take a chance n-gga
get money get some more money that’s the plan n-gga
baby zo just came home he frеsh up out the can n-gga
i don’t fear no muh’f-cking man told my nan n-gga
talking bout drums, ion wanna hear that whеre yo bands n-gga
h-ll nah you a f-ck n-gga, you can’t shake my hand n-gga
pillow talking too these hoes boy you js a fan n-gga
tell em bout how them boys ran down and you ran n-gga
them p-ssy’s gone be hiding they z9 out that jam n-gga
watch she eat me up, silly dude you ain’t her man n-gga
fly as peter pan they wondering when i’m finna land n-gga
got it off the land we ain’t worried bout uncle sam n-gga
pass my dawg the alley-oop told go ahead and slam n-gga
all you hear is (gunsound) you see sh-lls like this sand n-gga
556 a smush a n-gga, it look like a van hit em
that b-tch ass n-gga can’t come round here he banned n-gga
got on all this bape, roll with apes like tarzan n-gga
they been sleeping on the kid, get up off then xans n-gga
go ahead ask your b-tch bout me, she know who i am n-gga
you broker than a b-tch, think you need a cast scan n-gga
d-mn near broke my wrist f-cking with them pots and pans n-gga
trap sh-t only

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